I'm Crazy For You

06.27.2011 Hey everyone! So, the reason for my lapse in writing has not been lack of time, strangely enough. I have been busy, but I've tried to write a few times, and for some reason I am unable to sign onto MyLife from my laptop. But, whilst waiting for DVDs to burn and files to transfer at work I thought, Hey let's try to sign on again. And this time it worked! Perhaps it's fixed on my computer as well, and I will definitely check when I get home, because I'm about to embark on a journey that you guys don't want to miss. As for now, however, I will give you a quick update on what's been happening since we last chatted. And it might be a lot...so, multiple blogs may be necessary. First up, explaining the title of this blog! My friend Kyle was in a show at the Dayton Playhouse last weekend and I went to see him! Emily, Pat, Steven (Jojo) and Jojo's brother Ryan trekked out to the Playhouse on Thursday night to watch Kyle played a sweet little old man in the Dayton Youth Theatre's production of "Crazy For You," a musical which featured a bunch of Gershwin songs. I had new heard of the play itself before, but I actually was sort of familiar with some of the songs. Kyle originally wasn't in the cast, but another member dropped out a few weeks ago and the director asked him to fill in, so he did. He played the father of the lead female, and the show was set during the Depression in a dying country town. The basic plot line follows Bobby (a show-biz kid from New York looking to jump-start his career) and Polly (the only female in a small town, looking for a way to save her parents' old theatre.) Bobby ends up in Polly's town, and after inevitably falling in love with her, promises to save her theatre by putting on a show. In order to do this, Bobby assumes the identity of Bela, the New York director who told him he'd never make it in show business. Through a few cases of mistaken identity, some funny collaborative numbers, a few heartfelt ballads and upbeat group numbers, and a little musical magic, the theatre is saved and Polly and Bobby get together. And all audiences breathe a collective sigh of relief. Personally, the show wasn't one of my favorites. It kind of felt like just an awkward arrangement of songs, but there were a few good moments. My favorite song was definitely the duet between Bobby and Bela (the real one) because they mirrored each other with some pretty cool choreography during the whole number. The highlight, of course, was seeing Kyle. And after the show we all went to Denny's to celebrate with a classic midnight breakfast. Theatre and Denny's seem to be two of the things that define my time at UD thus far, both of course, held together with my friends. This is definitely what summer is all about!