I'm Ready to Slip into the Airwaves


Guess what. JackÂ’s Mannequin is coming to UD on April 2!! Charity Concert Committee announced the news on Saturday at the UD vs. Xavier WomenÂ’s Basketball game. IÂ’m super pumped. I saw them over the summer in Indy when they play with The Fray and it was one of the most amazing shows I have ever been to. Andrew McMahonÂ’s energy on stage is so contagious and you can just feel every word he sings. I cannot even contain my enthusiasm. And, as a result, I spent the last 20 minutes looking at a list of JackÂ’s Mannequin song titles and ended up with a sort of free verse paragraph poemÂ…or something. So, read that I guess. And check out Jack's Mannequin!

I’m taking a Holiday From Real while I listen to The Mixed Tape. And even though my heart is Bruised, I’m Ready to La La Lie in the Dark Blue. And Miss Delaney, don’t Kill The Messenger when he tells you you’ll be Rescued. Because you’re Made For Each Other and now You Can Breathe as you dive Into the Airwaves. And even though we’re Crashin’ and Spinning, we can still Swim in an ocean called American Love. What Gets You Off? you say. I answer, a Suicide Blonde but it’s only a metaphor for what I really think of love. Annie Use Your Telescope and you can see my Bloodshot eyes hoping for a symphony played on a Hammer And Strings. I’ll Drop Out—The So Unknown calls to me like how the Orphans search for a Resolution in the deserted Caves they call hearts. I Miss California as I drive At Full Speed, hoping to one day know someone like Doris Day. Dear Jack, I wrote to you many times, but all you said was you wish I could see it, Diane, The Skyscraper, and how it touches the sky making and breaking promises There. There Katie, do you see it? Those weren’t my name, but it never mattered. My Cell Phone doesn’t transmit what I want to send and I’m living In Slow Motion. This has to be the Last Straw--I can’t take it. They’ll think, it must be Lonely For Her, but sometimes that’s how it has to be. The sunlight and rain both Meet Me At My Window, and I take comfort in The Lights and Buzz that carry me to morning.