I've Got Multiple Personalities

09.04.2011Auditions for the fall play, “Slasher,” are now over and the cast has been chosen. I was super anxious for my audition because after reading the script, I knew I wanted to be in it. I mean, who doesn’t want to be in a play about the making of a low-budget horror film?! Also, it’s hilarious. I didn’t feel that great about my first audition on Tuesday night. I had to go after my class ended at 8:30 pm and I was the last person to audition. I read two monologues like everyone else, and that was it! When I saw my name on the callback list on Wednesday I was super excited to get another shot and to hopefully do better than before. The callbacks lasted about 2.5 hours Wednesday night and we got to do some crazy stuff, like scream and do a little stage combat. There were actually a bunch of people there which was fun, but also kind of exhausting. We had to do some cold reads from different scenes in the show and some of them were actually fairly long. I read for Christie, a woman who works with a religious organization and attempts to stop the film from being made, and Sheena, the hometown girl who gets cast as the lead in the movie. I felt a lot better about my callback audition than I did for my first one, but that didn’t make waiting to see the list until Friday afternoon any easier. It turned out that I did get cast, though! I will be playing Christie, as well as 8 other small characters. I’m super excited to get to play so many different rolls, and I’m hoping to get to use some fun accents or add some interesting quirks. I think it’s going to be a super fun show, especially since a few of my friends are in the cast as well. And, the show goes on the weekend before Halloween as well as Halloween weekend. Talk about a fun, funny, and scary October! So. Excited. More details to follow, but get excited for a great show! Congrats to the rest of the cast as well!