In a Rabbit Hole, but Not to Wonderland


Tuesday night was an interesting night for me. I finished some homework and then decided to try to catch up on my episodes of “One Tree Hill” since I’ve been so busy and couldn’t watch the last few. I got in my comfy clothes, took off my make-up, threw my hair into a messy (and I mean MESSY) bun, and settled in front of my computer. After about fifteen minutes, I was tearing up. Brooke and Julian were getting married, so cut me a little slack! I’d been waiting for this for a while. But then, my phone rang. It was my roommate, Emily, and she asked me to come pick her up from the Music/Theater building. But she also threw in, “Oh, and you should, like audition for Rabbit Hole, too.”

“Rabbit Hole” is the name of a show that two seniors are putting on as their thesis project. It’s about two parents who are grieving the loss of a child who was hit by a drunk driver. I had thought about going to auditions but then decided to just do homework and skip the audition. I thought I was already too overwhelmed to do another show, but Emily convinced me to audition. So, I laughed when she suggested that I audition, saying that as long as they didn’t mind that I was in my pajamas, looked like I just rolled out of bed, and had been crying like a child, that I’d audition.

Of course, they didn’t care. So, I auditioned for the part of Nat, who is the lead female’s mother. Chris and Bernadette (the seniors whose project this is) and Grace (the director) gave me a brief synopsis of the play and of the character I was reading for, and then I did a cold read from the script. Reading the part, Nat seemed to be a lot like Emily Gilmore from “Gilmore Girls.”

I got home that night and finished watching “One Tree Hill” and yesterday morning Emily told me I got the part! I’m actually really excited because I’ve only worked with one of the other actors before, so it’s going to be a challenging and exciting experience. I’m so glad Emily convinced me to audition and I can’t wait to see how “Rabbit Hole” turns out!