In the Dorm-Box No More


As of Thursday, I am no longer a resident of Stuart Complex, but have graduated once again to the fine living that is a house. No more dorm life for this girl, thank goodness. I mean, I loved living close to everyone, but I was in desperate need of my own space.

If I havenÂ’t mentioned it before, IÂ’m staying at my friendÂ’s house this summer while he is out-of-state for an internship. My roommate and I are renting his place and IÂ’m super excited. ItÂ’s really close to campus and we each have our own room! And we have real bathrooms with showers that have water pressure, a kitchen, two full bathrooms and a basement!! Hurrah!

I’m finally settled in and it feels great to not have to trek up the hill to get home or worry about if I have my ID so I can get in the elevator. All it takes is a house-key and I’m home. Major thanks to Chris and his parents for letting us take over and take care of their house and cat…did I mention the cat? We’re also taking care of Chris’ cat, Remy, and we are going to be the best of friends, I just know it. Remy is a ginger like me, so obviously we’re going to get along. Does the “birds of a feather” analogy apply across species? I’m going to say yes.

Anyway, home sweet home for the end of May until the end of June is this lovely little place, and IÂ’m super excited!