Interesting People, Incredible Accomplishments

09.13.2011I get to meet all kinds of really cool people during my job at Media Production Group, because we’re always interviewing and working with new companies and individuals. Being a person who loves to hear other people’s stories and what they’re passionate about, this job is kind of perfect for me. The other day I worked a research event where I ran audio and video for a study and I met a man who is from Canada. We started talking about Canada and France (because some Canadians speak French, namely Quebec). It was funny though, because despite having lived there for a great portion of his life, he said he never learned to speak it. He spends the majority of his work-time doing research with surgeons, etc. who use new technology to perform operations. How. Cool. Is. That. And then on Saturday I worked a few of the Distinguished Alumni interviews where we interview UD Alum who are doing amazing things in their respective fields. We talked with a guy who is on the steering committee for a group that tries to attract young creative to the Dayton area, and as it turns out, he did Studio Theatre when he was here too! I always think it’s cool to meet people who have done what I’m doing and to compare experiences with them, because they are simultaneously similar and incredibly different. We also talked with a woman who has been doing cancer research (that’s a WAY dumbed-down description of what she does) for the last 20 years and is in the process of developing new techniques for studying the nature of cancer cells. I guess the point of this is to say that I think it’s really cool to meet different people, especially people who went to UD, and to see the impact they are making on the world. Who knows, the next of these people could be your roommate, your classmate, or…even you. Take advantage of the opportunities UD gives you and run with them; maybe a few years from now the next me will be interviewing you!