It's April...No Joke


So, once again I am baffled by the fact that another month has come and gone. Good riddance, March, you were nothing but a bother to me. And take your gross pseudo-winter/spring/summer weather with you. I prefer the consistency of real spring, please and thanks. Anyway, today is shaping up to be a nice day, with a high of 49 (is it sad that 49 seems warm?) and sunny and IÂ’ve only got one class to go to at 2 pm.

IÂ’m about to head to Panera for lunch with my friend, Jen, whom I havenÂ’t actually hung out with in a long time since I was spending so much time rehearsing and doing homework. But we get to see each other today! Hurrah! Then I will go to class, possibly go grocery shopping since I havenÂ’t been in...who knows how long. My real problem is that I ran out of coffee creamer. And IÂ’ve been eating cereal like itÂ’s going out of style, so perhaps I will attempt to remedy this situation tonight.

IÂ’m also planning on finishing my history paper and possibly editing some of the shows I taped a few weeks ago so I can get them on DVDs. Sounds like a kickinÂ’ Friday night right? I think so. Especially since I need to rest up for tomorrowÂ…because tomorrow is the JackÂ’s Mannequin concert!!! But, more on that laterÂ…like, on Sunday probably, after I have experienced it and had time to come down from the post-concert adrenaline rush. Keep an eye out for videos and pictures (if I can ever figure out how to upload themÂ…) and have a wonderful April 1st! Not even kidding.