It's (Not) Fair-yngitis


Guess who’s got pharyngitis. Yep. This girl. I feel like pharyngitis is the cousin of laryngitis, but it’s less cool because you don’t get to lose your voice. No matter what, I can never lose my voice. I keep trying, though. I yell as loud as I can at sporting events, sing super loud at parties, but nope. All I get is that annoying scratchy feeling and a little soreness. And even when I’m sick I manage to get the sore throat that just hurts and doesn’t leave me mute for even a fraction of a day. Hmph. Not fair, if you ask me.

I always get sick on breaks. I think it’s finally because my body has time to relax, so then the sickness seizes the opportunity and attacks. Great. So, today I spent a long time at the doctor’s office. I hate going to the doctor. I mean, my doctor is a sweet man who I’ve been going to my whole life. It’s just that I hate the waiting and being around all the sick people. Today, the waiting was especially annoying.

My appointment was at 11:30 am, so naturally I arrived at 11:20. I told the receptionist I was there and took a seat. At this point there were about six other people in the waiting room, three of which actually had appointments. The other three were just companions. Also, they were all old enough to be grandparents. In fact, some of them were talking to each other about their grandchildren. Not that this is a bad thing at all. Just a fact of the matter. Originally I figured that I could be out of there in less than thirty minutes, as usually happens. Oh, but not today. Nope, today was different. I waited in the waiting room until 12:20 with just a Family Circle magazine (which had a riveting article about text messaging) to keep me company. Finally I went back to the exam room with my favorite nurse and she took my temperature and blood pressure. Then I waited for another 25 minutes to see my doctor. After five minutes of looking at my throat and ears, he concluded it was pharyngitis, wrote me a prescription, and told me I should go to graduate school. And then I was on my merry way.

I love my doctor, really I do. But next time, I’m bringing a book. And some cough drops.