Jack's Rocks UD


Okay. A few days have gone by, so I think I am calm enough to tell you all about the JackÂ’s Mannequin concert that happened on Saturday! Brace yourself, itÂ’s super exciting.

So, I got to the Arena around 3:30 pm on Saturday to join the rest of the committee, most of which had been there since the wee hours of the morning. We counted t-shirts for the merchandise table and organized a few other small things. Then, we got to witness the sound-check. It was so cool! I love getting a preview of what songs are going to be played and getting to hear the band make decisions about how to change the songs just a few hours before their performance. And being so close really let me see how much passion these guys really have for music.

After the sound-check we actually got to meet Andrew McMahon, the lead singer. I will pause for a minute to allow that statement to sink inÂ….yes. I got to meet Andrew McMahon, who IÂ’ve been listening to for years, even back in the Something Corporate days. Check that off my bucket-list! And what was even better was that heÂ’s such a chill, down-to-earth guy. He talked to all of us about how heÂ’s from Columbus and his wife is a teacher where they live in California and how he really does love OhioÂ…wait, what? Yes, Andrew McMahon loves Ohio. Who would have guessed?! Anyway, he talked with us, asked us questions, signed posters and shirts, and took a boatload of pictures with us.

Then, I rushed home to pick up my friends to head back to the show, which was just as amazing as I expected it to be. I saw JackÂ’s Mannequin live in Indy with The Fray and they were AMAZING. And this show was no different. There was definitely no shortage of energy at this show, from the opening duo of Kelly Fine (sheÂ’s a UD alum!) and Chris Robinson to the last note played by JackÂ’s. The only thing I didnÂ’t like was that it had to end.

This show was definitely worth all of the hard work we all put into it this year and I canÂ’t thank enough everyone who supported the Charity Concert Committee in one way or another. You all helped to make this possible and I hope youÂ’ll continue to support us for years to come, so we can put on the best show possible and make a positive impact on the community. Thanks also to JackÂ’s Mannequin and all of the behind-the-scenes people who made this happen. YouÂ’re all awesome.

Also, I will be attempting to upload pictures and a video in the near future. So, maybe someday that will actually happen. Until then, youtube JackÂ’s Mannequin and look out for more news from Charity Concert Committee!