Jaywalking to Victory


Before you call the cops, let me explain.

Last night was the Charity Concert CommitteeÂ’s Battle of the Bands fundraiser! And, the band that won is called The Jaywalkers. Make more sense now? Good.

Anyway, last night was the culmination of almost seven monthÂ’s work. And it feels so good to have it be over and have gone as smoothly as it did. The Battle started at 8 pm last night, but set-up started around 6 pm. I was actually still at Production Assistant training, but the rest of my committee stepped up and took control in my absence and I want to fully commend them for a job well done. They seriously saved me tons of time and stress and I genuinely could not have done anything without them. Special thanks to Emilee for being my right-hand woman throughout this entire process. SheÂ’s kept me (semi)sane.

The bands who performed were all amazing in their own way. Lauren Eylise & The Boys opened the show with a groovy pop/R&B set, lead by strong vocals and supported by a killer band. The Jaywalkers played next and really got the crowd involved. TheyÂ’ve got a college-rock sound goinÂ’ on. Then Tyrannosaurus Bear played. They won the Fall Battle and are kinda chill with a bluesy influence. Finally, we had Chris Jaymes whoÂ’s a solo artist with a mellow sound, backed by acoustic guitar or piano, depending on the song.

Like I mentioned, The Jaywalkers cam out victorious, but it was a great show from everyone. Thanks to everyone who came out to support the Charity Concert Committee and the bands! Hope to see you all next time!