Joy on Account of Icarus


Those of you who know me or who have been reading my blog for any period of time know that I have an obsession with music. And because of such, I tend to go to live shows. It will be no surprise, then, for me to tell you that I went to a live show last night with some friends. Josh, Pat, Steve, and I headed out to Middletown last night to check out a line-up of 7 bands at The Venue. Josh is from around that area, so he was a frequent visitor of the place in high school. I actually really liked The Venue because it was half-coffee shop and half-venue, so it had a cool double-vibe going. Think chill in the front and party in the back.

It was interesting, too, because I had actually seen two of the bands (Harmon and Irela) perform at the Cincinnati Battle of the Bands last year. My favorite of them all, though, was a band called The Icarus Account. TheyÂ’re twin brothers from Ft. Myers, FL and they played an acoustic set that was dripping with smooth harmonies, sweet melodies, and an ear-pleasing marriage of metaphors and truths. And the falsettos on these boys? To die for. Cue swooning. And they were so nice too! We talked to them for a few minutes after the show and they said they named their band after the Greek myth of Icarus to remind themselves to stay humble. How perfectly perfect is that?

Needless to say, IÂ’ve been listening to them non-stop since I got home last night. If you need more convincing, although IÂ’m pretty sure IÂ’ve sold you already, check out their Purevolume website, where you can listen to 35 tracks and download a few for free! HereÂ’s a video to entice you furtherÂ…I mean, how can you resist?