Keep On Keeping On


Do you ever have those weeks that seem to go on FOREVER? Well, this week is one of those weeks. For some reason I seem to have had a million-and-a-half things going on. IÂ’ve been going to meetings and meetings and class and meetingsÂ…did I mention meetings? Oh, yeah, and class. And outside of all of those things IÂ’ve been sending e-mails and preparing for the meetings and doing homework. Yikes! IÂ’ll be super glad to see 2:50 on Friday, thatÂ’s for sure.

But even then, I still have to do laundry. IÂ’ve only been back on campus for a week and a half, but I have so much laundry to do and I donÂ’t even know how that happened! ItÂ’s literally spilling out of my hamper and into my closet. Sorry, roommate! But no worries. IÂ’ll get it under control eventually. Hopefully.

My schedule seems to go in crazy waves like this. IÂ’ll have nothing going on, and then all of the suddenÂ…BAM! Everything at once. But, IÂ’m not the only one. IÂ’ve come to realize this is a fact of college life and just life in general and IÂ’m starting to get used to it. This is the point when my obsessive organizing comes in handy. Color-coding and list-making are definitely beneficial. And without my planner/agenda I would probably have heart failure because I wouldnÂ’t remember anything. So, thank goodness for my planner and post-it notes.

DonÂ’t worry, friends, this period of heightened stress will pass as it always does. And until then, IÂ’m going to just keep on keeping on.