Livin' It Up At Lolla 2011

08.12.2011Wow. Time sure does fly. I could have sworn that I updated my blog last weekend while I was in Chicago, but apparently that was just a lack-of-sleep-induced delusion. Let’s re-cap, shall we? I went to Lollapalooza last weekend! Yay! It was held in Grant Park in one of my favorite cities ever—Chicago. I got this wonderful opportunity through my high school friend Kayla, who takes pictures at concerts for a website called Long story short, Kayla’s supervisors asked if she knew a blogger who’d want to cover Lolla with her and thus, I got to go! Stellar, right? I thought so. We got hooked up with media passes that allowed us into the media lounge and got to go to an after-party at the W Hotel. I mean, way cool. And our table in the media lounge was next to Rolling Stone Magazine and Sirius XM Satellite Radio. Can you even get more legit than that? Only if Taylor Momsen (Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl and front-woman of rock band The Pretty Reckless) walks right by you while you’re grabbing your free snacks…yeah, shameless name-dropping. Don’t hate me—this is like a one-time occurrence. Anyhow, I wrote some blogs, took some pics, saw a ton of great bands and basically had the time of my life. Quick shout-out to Anne and Katie for letting us crash at their sweet pad this weekend and for saving us beaucoup dollars on a lame hotel. If you want to check out details of my weekend, take a peek at my coverage on…use this URL: