Look, Mom! I'm a Princess!


I am officially a princess! No, not just because my dad tells me so. And no, IÂ’m not marrying Prince (insert name of famous prince here). I will be playing a character named Princess Michelle in the UD Theatre departmentÂ’s childrenÂ’s production of Princess and the Pea this summer!

The UD Theatre department puts on a childrenÂ’s show every summer for groups/schools in the area and I am so excited to be a part of it this year. After talking with the people who were in the cast last year, I decided that I definitely wanted to audition because they made it sound like such an amazing, rewarding experience. Not only does the cast get super close, but we get to entertain kids who appreciate it so much and have a lot of fun with the show.

As I mentioned, the show is Princess and the Pea and I play Michelle, one of the princesses that Prince Leonard rejects. Sad, I know. But itÂ’s okay. ItÂ’s a small part, but I think it will still be really fun and will allow me time to work and do other projects as well. The Theatre department also provides housing for the cast until the show is over, so after I move out of my UD house after finals I will be moving straight into a dorm in Marycrest. ThatÂ’s definitely going to be a shock, having become accustomed to lots of space in my apartment last year and my house this year. But, it will be great anyway because I will be with a bunch of wonderful people.

It seems pretty typical for people to stay on campus during the summer between their junior and senior years, and apparently I am no exception. And although I will miss home and everyone who is there, I will still be able to see them on some weekends and will be having fun and making money. Sounds like a pretty stellar summer to me! I leave you with that, dear subjects, and I hope your summer is as magical as mine is going to be!