Meet Me in St. Louis


First of all, happy new year everyone! I’ve been MIA for a few days because I spent some time with two of my best friends, Shae and Renee, in St. Louis for the past two days. We had been planning a trip somewhere for a while, and originally we thought we were going to go to Chicago. But, after some intense thinking, we decided that it would be cheaper to go to St. Louis and since we went to Chicago during the summer we headed to Missouri!

We found a great deal on a hotel located directly across from the arch (the Hyatt Regency!), so we had to take it. It was $79.99 for one night from Priceline, including free breakfast buffet for two. Since Shae doesn’t really do breakfast, this was perfect for us.

We left around 9 am on Sunday and spent some quality time with good old I-70. Literally, we stayed on it for over 200 miles. Not exactly the most exciting landscape to look at, but at least we couldn’t get lost! Upon arriving in St. Louis we went straight to the zoo, located in a huge park. It was so pretty! A lot of the animals weren’t out because it was a little chilly, but we loved the ones that were. The jaguar was especially awesome, although it kept making a sound that was like a cross between a growl and a cry. It sounded sad and lonely. One cool thing we saw was when we went to see the orangutan. A little girl was holding a baby doll monkey in front of the exhibit and the orangutan just sat on the other side of the window and stared at the baby doll. It even held its finger up to its lip like it was pondering. So cool!

Sunday night we ate dinner at Caleco’s, which is a sports-bar type restaurant with a huge menu. Monday we got up really early and worked out (dedicated, right?) in the fitness center, which was free and stocked with cardio and weight equipment and had windows looking out into downtown. After we got cleaned up we ventured outside to see some free sights including the Arch (of course), the old courthouse where Harriet Tubman and Dred Scot sued for their freedom, and one of the oldest Catholic churches in the city. I wish we would have had more time to go to the art museum (it’s FREE!) and the aquarium, but we had to leave.

The ride home took a little longer since we lost an hour due to time difference, but there’s never a dull moment with Shae and Renee. We even stopped at a random Indian craft store off I-70 in Illinois. We finally made it home around 7:30 pm and I was exhausted but happy. I just have to say that road trips might just be one of my favorite things ever!