Mount Ve-Laundry-ous Erupts


I hate doing laundry. I just hate it. And what I hate more than doing laundry is waiting 3 weeks to do it and then having tons of it. Which is what happened on Friday. I have been so incredibly busy the past few weeks that I just didnÂ’t have enough time to go to McGinnis to wash my clothes. I literally hadnÂ’t done laundry since Christmas break, a.k.a. a very long time. My clothes were spilling out of my basket, despite my efforts to squish and contain them. There was zero hope of this actually being possible. I keep my laundry hamper in my closet and I had clothes balanced precariously on top of each other, a pile about 8 inches high sticking out above where the top of the basket was. It was ridiculous.

So, finally, Friday I had a chance to drive my mountain of clothing to the McGinnis Center to actually wash them. After all was said and done, I filled three washers to the brim. I was a little nervous that they were going to explode, but luck was on my side that night and they held their own against a formidable opponent. The clothes filled two dryers and I ended up drying them each twice, for a total time of 99 minutes. Yes, that is quite absurd indeed.

And donÂ’t even get me started on the folding. I hate folding. It took me about 40 minutes to fold all of my clothes and to put them away, but now I feel so much better. And I vow to never again (if I can help it) wait more than two weeks to do laundry. It just isnÂ’t good for my health.