Mounting the Monts with the Saints

07.10.2011Today I went on another excursion! Woot rah! I got up at 5:45 am (EW) so I could be at the school by 6:45 am, so we could leave at 7 am. I was super tired because last night Emily came over for dinner, as did Frederique and Claude, two of my host family’s friends. We ate dinner and talked for so long! I just have to say that they may be the funniest people I’ve ever met. And I realize that I make claims like this kind of often, but they were so nice and just down right hilarious. And I understood most of what they were saying, which is always nice. Anyway, back to the point—today we went to Mont St. Michel and St. Malo, which were a mere 3-hour busride away. Oy. Yeah. Three hours. Getting there actually wasn’t too bad because I fell asleep for a while and it was still pretty chilly outside, so the bus temp was comfortable. We got to Mont St. Michel around 10 am and walked around the whole place, taking pictures and basking in the awesomeness of the spectacle. It’s kind of crazy because it’s this big castle-like community with a huge church in the middle and it’s situated on a rock-island. So, when the tide comes in at night, the water literally goes up to the doors of the building! Crazy, right? But the tide was obviously low since we were there in the morning and we walked out on the sand by the water. We ate lunch on the rocks in the parking lot with a full view of the castle and then departed for St. Malo. St. Malo is a city that was fortified during WWII, so there’s a giant wall that encloses everything. It’s also right next to the Atlantic Ocean, which I got to put my feet in…it was super cold at first, but still awesome. We explored the shops and food at St. Malo for a few hours—the strawberry ice cream was amazing, and the Far Breton aux pommes (a specialty of the region) was decent. At 4:45 pm it was time to depart for school, and I think we were all ready to go since it had been such a long day. Unfortunately for us, the air-conditioner on the bus was broken, so the ride back was a little less comfortable than we’d hoped for. Although, I do have to say that it’s a good thing that the climate here is milder, because had we been in the Midwest, we all probably would have had heatstroke. We made it back, though, and now it is time for dinner and then sleep. Class again tomorrow…but it’s been a good weekend. Next Sunday: Les Chateaux de la Loire…yeah, castles. Get ready.