Musical Bliss

06.29.2011Guess what, everyone. I finally acquired new music! I had been putting it off for a long time, because I’m one of those crazy people who still pays for music and I needed to collect the funds. But I finally splurged the other days. What’d I get? I’ll tell you! -Parachute’s new album, “The Way It Was” -The Script’s new album, “Science & Faith,” the bonus track version, of course -City & Colour’s new album, “Little Hell” -and some other random fun songs that I’ve been hearing on the radio I’m enjoying musical bliss right now. I’m also planning on seeing The Script and City & Colour in concert this fall, so I’m rationalizing the purchase with the fact that I need to learn the lyrics, but let’s face it, when do I really need a reason to get new music? Yeah, never. Anyway, here’s a little sample of what I’m listening to. Apparently the embed button and hyperlink button aren't working right for now just copy/paste these URLs: