New Year, New Beginnings

01.05.2012Welcome to 2012 everyone! I’ve been taking a few days to adjust to the “2” at the end of the date and to organize my thoughts on this upcoming year. When I think about the new year, obviously a first thought is about resolutions. Generally, I think resolutions are a great way to just let yourself down. Mostly because people tend to make outrageous claims like, “this year I will work out every day!” I’m sorry, but no you won’t. That just isn’t even within the realm of possibility, so stop kidding yourself. I do, however, think resolutions can be a great way to help myself grow, if appropriate goals are set. Thus, I have compiled a list of a few things I resolve to work on this semester, as well as the rest of the year: 1) Try to relax a little more without feeling guilty. I’ve got a tendency to think I need to be working all the time, trying to improve some aspect of my life or completing something that will further my career. Just because there are opportunities out there does not mean I have to do every single one of them. This year, I resolve to take a chill pill occasionally and just let myself have some guilt-free fun-time…aka…stop being a workaholic. 2) Related to number 1: Just take the stress meter down a notch. I need to remember that the world will not end if something doesn’t go as planned. I resolve be try to be less neurotic about things that don’t actually matter that much in the long run. 3) Appreciate the people in my life more often and more openly. It’s important to let people know you care about them, ya dig? 4) Do what makes me happy with people who make me happy. Why should I continue to waste my time doing things I hate because I feel obligated? And surrounding myself with good people will undoubtedly lead to a better year. 5) Work hard and never settle. In every aspect of life. Work. Relationships. Leisure. Life’s too short to spend it in a less-than ideal way. Okay. So, there are a few of my resolutions. If they sound like a self-help book or an inspirational quote calendar, well, that’s okay. That might be where I got the idea. At any rate, where they came from doesn’t really matter. What does, though, is that a new year is a chance at a new beginning. At a year that can and will be better than the last, and I’m going to take every opportunity to make sure it’s nothing less than wonderful.