Nine for Beethoven's Ninth

10.03.2009"We've all heard Beethoven's ninth symphony. It's the ""Ode de Joy"" one. But, have we all seen it performed by a live orchestra? Nope. I hadn't until this evening. That's right. Eight friends and I spent our Saturday evening at the Schuster Center (recently built, gorgeous theatre) in downtown Dayton listening to the musical stylings of the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra!

I can't remember the last time I went to an actual orchestra concert. I think it might have been for a field trip back in elementary school, third grade maybe. But let me tell you, this was an experience for sure. I have never really had an appreciation for classical music, but after hearing it performed live and seeing how many different parts mesh together to form one piece of music I have to admit it's brilliant.

How did I come upon such an event, you ask? Basically, my friend Becca told me about it one day. She said that the tickets would be $16, and that ArtStreet (on campus) would be giving $10 refunds if we brought them our ticket stub afterward. So, my roommate Annie and I decided to go. But, we waited a little too late to get the $16 tickets and paid $29 instead. I think it was completely worth it though.

The orchestra played pieces by Tchaikovsky, Stravinsky, and Beethoven. During the last movement of the Beethoven piece, they were accompanied by a choir and four opera singers which were awesome! Generally, opera is not my music of choice, but I definitely have to respect the talents of the singers. After the show, while we were walking back to our cars, my friends and I decided that we need to go downtown more often and discover what it has to offer. Personally I'm guilt of overlooking Dayton because it's a lot smaller than Indianapolis, where I'm from. But I think Dayton has a lot of hidden potential and we just need to un-wrap its secrets with a little creative exploration.

You can bet that this was only the beginning of events in Dayton and there will be more adventures to report. Perhaps a ballet at Victoria Theatre? As for classical music, I?m not going to go Tchaikovsky crazy, but it was a nice change of pace to experience something new. Maybe this is silly, but I feel a little more cultured. And, if nothing else, I can cross ""see a philharmonic orchestra concert"" off my bucket list.