Not-So-Easy "A's"


Grades have been posted. The culmination of my second semester junior year has now been recorded in letter format, lasting forever as proof of how hard I worked this semester. And trust me, I worked hard. I would be lying if I said that I was expecting anything particular. I mean, I had an idea of how I was doing in most of my classes, but college has been different for me in terms of how I feel about grades. In high school, I was super intense about checking my grade every time I turned in an assignment or took a test, making sure that I did as well as I thought I should have. And, IÂ’m not saying that I donÂ’t care about grades now that IÂ’m in college. ThatÂ’s not it at all. IÂ’m just a little more lax about checking them. I can generally gauge my performance based on how hard I work on a paper or how much I study for a test, and I put more emphasis on learning the material than the letter grade IÂ’m receiving at the end of it all. That being said, I was still interested to see how everything panned out.

It turns out that I did pretty well. I hope this doesnÂ’t come off the wrong way, but I got AÂ’s across the board. Some were A-, which was completely fine with me. I half-expected BÂ’s in some of my classes, and I was pleasantly surprised. Grades are also different for me than they were in high school in terms of how hard I actually have to work. I didnÂ’t really have to study very much in high school, maybe an hour for a test. But now, for a lot of my classes I have to spend a few days preparing for an exam or writing a paper. It is definitely a shift in study habits, but I think it has made me a better student because I do have to put forth that effort. And, I think my grades show that hard work does get rewarded.