Oh, the Places You'll Go

09.30.2009By the time I'm finished writing this, it probably won't be September anymore. That is so crazy to me. Time moves so strangely here; I feel as though it moves both extremely fast and slow at the same time. Maybe it's just me. I think it's mostly because I'm so busy that I think more days have gone by than actually have. Anyway, today was an extremely busy day (no surprise there) but I just wanted to interject a little culture to my blog--you guessed it! Today was the Study Abroad fair!

Every September, UD holds a Study Abroad fair in the KU Ballroom. They set up loads of tables with information about all the different study abroad options. It's a little overwhelming at first, but I went in today with a mission--get information about the trip to Angers, France for this coming summer.

I've always had the travel bug, although I'm not sure how seeing as how I've never been out of the country. But, nonetheless, I've always had this urge to go somewhere (who am I kidding? I want to go everywhere!) and experience a different culture. The logical decision for me would be to study in France, considering it is my second major and I love it so. I've been researching the Angers program as well as a program through a third party, to Avignon, France. Basically I'm in the gather information stage. The only worry I have is the cost, but after talking to a friend, I'm sure I'll be able to make it happen. She told me that UD offers tons of scholarships for study abroad and there are also outside scholarships I can apply for.

So, since I've already decided I'm going somewhere and I'll figure out the financial stuff eventually, I just need to decide where and when! I talked to Sally Raymont (the director of study abroad) and am going to start setting up appointments with the other trip coordinators to start the planning process and figure out my options. Study Abroad is a huge thing at UD--I've got a bunch of friends who went to Angers this past summer, one who went to Germany, one who's in Argentina currently. The only problem with having so many options is, well, having so many options! In addition to getting information about the French programs, I also snagged a brochure about Italy (I've always wanted to go there--and everywhere else, Europe especially).

And now it's time to ponder and see where the wind will take me. It's like that Dr. Seuss book, Oh, the Places You'll Go. I hope the places I go are many in number and wonderful in kind, and UD will be my starting point.