Operation: No Procrastination

11.29.2011Exams are looming. Papers need to be written. Presentations must be presented. Notebooks, folders, essays, books. It’s all piling up. If all of the things that I need to do were tangible objects, I’d be reenacting that scene from Aladdin where Aladdin is trying to escape from the cave with the lamp. Or the one in Harry Potter when the stuff duplicates itself over and over until Harry almost drowns in it. Yeah, that’s how we all feel at this time of year. The joys of college, eh? This is why it’s important for me to actually start things sooner rather than later. I’ve never really been a procrastinator, which is a good thing, because I’ve got two 8-10 page papers to write (one all in French and one philosophy), a religion presentation, and a big personal editing project on the horizon. It’s times like these when I feel guilty for having “free time” or taking naps because I feel like I should constantly be doing productive things. However, sometimes I just can’t, you know? I was super productive before break, getting ahead in a couple classes so I don’t have to worry about the smaller papers (5ish-pagers) and can focus on the big stuff. I want to be able to enjoy the last few weeks of the semester and not be stressing out about everything…is that too much to ask? I think not. So, instead, I am going to attempt to be a little productive every day and take a little time to relax as well. That is, until I find Aladdin’s magic lamp and get my very own Genie.