Out of the Rabbit Hole


If youÂ’ve read my previous blogs, youÂ’ll remember that IÂ’m acting in a show called Rabbit Hole. Well, tonight is our last performance. We performed Friday night as well as last night for audiences in the Black Box in the Music/Theatre building and itÂ’s been such an amazing journey to get to this point.

We started out with read-through rehearsals, trying to figure out our characters and how we would work together as a cast. I had actually only acted with one of the other cast members prior to Rabbit Hole, so it really was a great experience getting to work with everyone else. I canÂ’t believe itÂ’s almost overÂ…it seems like yesterday that I was auditioning, reading NatÂ’s lines in the classroom instead of performing them on-stage. But alas, all good things must come to a close. I hope that everyone in the audience can see how hard weÂ’ve all worked over the past 6 weeks to bring this incredible show to life.

I guess I should have mentioned, in case I havenÂ’t before, that the show is based on a true story and follows a family mourning the death of their 4-year-old son. I play Nat, the lead femaleÂ’s mother/the grandmother of the boy who died. This isnÂ’t the first time IÂ’ve played an older character, but this time was definitely a lot different than before. I think what makes acting so fascinating and such a challenge is that everything an actor does is a choice they make to create a specific character. There are so many different aspects of a characterÂ’s personality and being able to tie them together and make the character three-dimensional is exciting.

Once again, I want to say how amazing an experience it has been to work on this show with my fellow cast-mates and crew. To the graduating seniors, Chris, Bernadette, Grace, and Katie, I want to say itÂ’s been wonderful getting to know you all and I wish you well. Chris and Bernadette--Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to be a part of your senior project. It has definitely been one to remember.