PA--Not Just Pennsylvania


If youÂ’ve been keeping up with my blogs, you know that I attended a film workshop two weekends ago through Film Dayton and ArtStreet. Well, the woman who provided me and the other UD students with the opportunity to attend that workshop, Eva Buttacavoli, went above and beyond and offered us all a scholarship to attend another Film Dayton workshop held yesterday. As you can probably guess since IÂ’m writing this blog, I attended. And let me tell you, it was exhausting but completely worth it.

I carpooled to Sinclair Community College, where the workshop was being held, with two guys whom I met at the previous workshop. We arrived a little before 10 am, and within a few minutes we were launched into discussion about Production Assistant training. This, of course, was the topic of the workshop. Our main speaker was Kenny Chaplin, an Assistant Director in the biz’ who’s got tons of experience and hilarious stories. I’m not going to bore you with the details, because this workshop literally lasted from 10 am until 7:30 pm with roughly an hour of downtime. Let’s be honest—you don’t have time to read all of that, and I don’t have time to type it. But, here’s what you need to know. Getting into the movie business is generally about:

-Being an open, friendly person

-Willingness to learn and to go above and beyond your job description

-Doing your homework—know what the job is, who the people are

-Experience—don’t turn down a job just because it isn’t what you want to do right now. The business is ALL about networking. You know that phrase, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? Well, of course you have to know certain things. See points number 2 and 3. But really, it’s the people who get you there.

Mr. Chaplin, being the nice guy he is, gave us all an entire manual detailing what we need to know if we want to be a Production Assistant and gave us names of several other resources. Despite the fact that it was such a long day, IÂ’d say it was absolutely worth it because I learned so much.

Thanks to Kenny Chaplin, Film Dayton, Eva Buttacavoli, and Karri OÂ’Reilly (Production Manager in Ohio) for taking the time to educate us all!