Parlez-vous franҫais?

10.27.2009"Today has just been an explosion of French happenings. I'm having a hard time thinking in English at the moment, actually. I had a French test, you see, at 3:00, and have since been shifting between the two languages periodically. I also just finished my French presentation for Thursday! Being in French 202, I have to give three oral presentations throughout the semester--a two-minute, a three-minute, and a four-minute respectively--on a topic of my choosing. For my first presentation I talked about my favorite movie, ""10 Things I Hate About You."" For this project I'm going to talk about a French indie-rock band called the Prototypes. And who knows what I'll talk about for presentation number three. But, I love that we get to choose our own topics, because it makes the information interesting and it's cool to see what other students are interested in. It might sound scary, presenting to the class in a different language, but it's really not. The class is small and the professor is knowledgeable and nice. It's actually great practice, because next semester I'll be taking French conversation, so I'll be speaking a lot more anyway.

And, after this little update I have yet another French task--writing a paper! This also may sound scary, but it too is great practice and really helps me understand the vocabulary in the chapter and lets me practice my grammar skills. I've got to get all the practice I can so that when I go to France (hopefully this summer) I'll make the natives proud. And now, I bid you adieu. Au revoir mes amis. Je parlerai a toi bient?t ! (translation : Goodbye my friends. I will talk to you soon !)