Perfect Dresses, Perfect Timing


It’s a rare occasion when my roommates and I are all in the same place at the same time. It’s even rarer when we can leave the house together and spend a few hours just hanging out. Well, this past Sunday we did just that. In fact, it was a very specific “out” to which we ventured. The Dayton Mall for a specific purpose—to find Annie a beautiful dress to wear for the Beta Beta Beta formal that’s tonight and to have for anytime she needs a nice dress.

The first store we went into was a gold mine for dresses. Emily, Lauren, and I grabbed handfuls and proclaimed that Annie had to try them all on, no questions asked. We were having too much fun dressing her up, but I think she had fun too. We all, including the girl working by the dressing rooms, oohed and ahhed as she modeled each dress. Ultimately, she picked a simple black one (every girl needs a Little Black Dress!) and the three of us bought it for her as our birthday gift to her, because her birthday is this coming Sunday. But, the fun didn’t stop there. Nope, Annie actually found another dress that was also gorgeous—a black strapless with a sweetheart neckline and little white polka dots. She decided she wanted both and bought the second one herself.

The shopping gods must have been smiling upon us that day, because as we were paying, the cashier reminded us that it was 5:55 and they would be closing in 5 minutes. We had forgotten that the mall closes at 6 on Sundays! But, luckily we had such great success at the first store we tried. Otherwise, I donÂ’t even want to think about the trouble that would have been. So, Sunday was a splendid day. Time with the roommates off-campus and a two-dress success to boot. CanÂ’t get better than that!