Piano Music IS Cool.

11.29.2011The end. Okay, I lied. That’s the beginning. As you all know by now, I’m kind of a music addict. And lately I’ve been getting really into instrumental stuff. I mean, it’s great because I can write papers, read, study, etc. while it’s on and not be tempted to look up the song lyrics that are clever and interesting, because there aren’t any! I know there are some instrumental skeptics out there reading this and saying, “Instrumental? No lyrics? BOOORRRIIINNNG!” I, however, challenge this common misconception with an invitation to check out Philip Wesley. Youtube him. Trust me. I put the Youtube mix on repeat and get major work done. I can’t help it that I simply love the piano and think it’s quite possibly the most beautiful instrument ever. That and the violin. But, this post is about Philip Wesley’s extremely impressive ability to keep me focused. Seriously, though, look him up. I recommend “Light and Shadow,” however, all of the songs promise to impress. I’d post a link here, but for some reason I can’t do that anymore…so, take the extra step and open a new tab on your browser. And see if my new friend Philip helps you tackle finals a little more easily.