Quesadilla Quest

09.06.2009Oh boy, do I have a story for you! I can picture how this conversation would go if we were having it face to face: A story about what, you ask. Last nightÆs dinner, I reply. Dinner? you say. That doesnÆt sound very interesting. Oh, just wait, I respond. This was no ordinary dinner, but one of epic proportions. Well, then letÆs hear it, you say, a little skeptical. Okay, just listen, I say. Here is what happened:

My roommate, Jess, our friend, Nikka, and I were sitting in my and JessÆ living room around 5 p.m. last night when we decided we wanted to cook dinner. After much deliberation and time spent looking for recipes, we concluded that we would make quesadillas and taco dip. We proceeded to write a list of the supplies weÆd need. Then it hit usùhow and where were we going to acquire these supplies, since we are without a vehicle. Well, we decided that we could get most of the items at the Emporium (the deli/mini-mart on campus) but that we would check the RTA (public bus) schedule to see if there would be a bus running to Wal-Mart. This was the beginning of our troubles. We couldnÆt for the life of us remember which bus we were supposed to take to get to Wal-Mart, and then even if we could have remembered we wouldnÆt have been able to pay the fare because we didnÆt have enough cash. Thus, plan B ensued.

We concluded that we would simply walk to UDF (the convenience store/gas station on the corner of Stewart St. and Brown St.) to see if they sold what we were looking for, and if not, weÆd figure something else out. Time of departure (this is important) was about 5:45 p.m. Needless to say, UDF could not satisfy our need for tortillas and our journey continued. At this point, we could have just turned around and said, Forget it, and ordered pizza. But, no! We are women of adventure and decided to just start walking down Brown St. and see where it led us.

We wound up walking through Oakwood, looking at the aesthetically pleasing houses and hoping that weÆd run into a Meijer or Wal-Mart or Kroger or something that functions as a grocery store. I checked my phone about this timeù6:48, it read. Oh my. We had been walking for over an hour. After a short discussion we decided that we had gone this far and we were bound to find something soon, so onward we continued. After 15 more minutes of no grocery store, I decided we had better start calling around to see if someone we knew could pick us up, because letÆs face it, we were tired and werenÆt exactly excited about the return trip, especially since the sun was starting to set. Luckily, my friend Kevin answered his phone and by some miracle he happened to be driving around. He told us that we were close to Dorothy Lane Market, so we decided weÆd continue until we reached it and heÆd meet us there.

Finally, approximately two hours after our original departure time, we reached the Dorothy Lane Market and sang a Halleluiah. We entered the market and immediately felt a little out of placeùthe baggers were wearing bowties! But, we were not to be discouraged now, after our incredibly long journey. So, we found the objects of our desireùtortillas, tortilla chips, and refried beansùand proceeded to continue down E. Dixie to wait for Kevin. We thought heading this way would take us to Wal-Mart, more of a whim destination to kill time at this point, but as Kevin told us a few minutes later, we were heading in the opposite direction and had made it to Kettering, Ohio! How many people can say theyÆve walked from UD to Kettering? Not that many, I bet.

So, Kevin picked us up and dropped us off safely at our apartment (time of arrival: approximately 8:30 p.m.) We made the short jaunt to the Emporium for the rest of our supplies, then returned home where we assembled our beautiful quesadillas and taco dip at approximately 9:30 p.m. And trust me, the trip and the wait were completely worth it. Of course, it probably would have taken about 15 minutes maximum to get our supplies had we used a car, but that wouldnÆt have been half as much fun and we wouldnÆt have the crazy phone-update-videos to remind us of our adventure.

I guess the moral of the story is that whoever said ôitÆs about the journey, not the destination,ö was absolutely right. Although, in this case, IÆm glad the destination of our journey included quesadillas.