Ready, Set, Action

10.25.2009"As my bio says, I'm an Electronic Media major. Since this is the case, I get incredibly excited when the opportunity to use equipment and do projects arises. This time has finally come in my Basic Video Production class! Hurrah! We got to take out the equipment on Thursday to shoot our first footage of the year and to practice with the camera and tripod. Things like that just get my creative juices going and I'm super excited to see what kinds of projects we'll be working on for the rest of the semester.

Also, under the heading of projects and performance, acting class is getting very interesting as well. We finished with our monologues in class on Thursday and I got to do mine in my new favorite accent--Minnesotan! The professor, Sheila Miller, made me perform it twice and try to teach her how to do the accent, so that was pretty cool. We started scene work on Thursday as well, and have been assigned a two-person scene to perform in class, not this coming week but the Thursday following. I'm really excited about this too because it's a challenge and will allow me to spend some time learning how to develop a character, which is the main reason I wanted to take the class in the first place.

And, finally, ""The Lark,"" the main stage show I'm in, opened this past Friday! It was awesome to see all of our hard work finally pay off on the stage. We actually had four performances in a row this past weekend--Thursday was open dress and then we had one show each of Friday, Saturday, and this evening. We still have three more shows to go this coming weekend on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So, if you're around, stop by Boll Theatre and experience ""The Lark"" UD style!