Scheduling: The Final Round

11.07.2011I have officially registered for classes for the last time as an undergraduate. That is, in a word, terrifying. But also kind of exciting. This coming semester I will only have to take 12 credits, a feat that has never been possible as long as I’ve been a student. Up to this point I’ve taken 16, 17, or 18 credits every semester, with the exception of the current one (15 credits). It’s kind of crazy, actually. When everything is all said and done I’m hoping to have 11 credits of classes and a 1-credit (at least) internship somewhere. I’ll be taking two French classes (one independent study with another student), a Psychology class, the Language capstone, and the Film minor capstone. It’s so weird to think that’s all that’s left after all this time. I was hoping to take a 1-credit art class for fun, but unfortunately none are being offered. For future reference, UD, that’s something that students might like! Anyway, it feels so crazy that I’m almost done with school and I’m going to have to stop talking about it, because I may or may not be getting misty-eyed. I guess before I get too far ahead of myself with this talk about next semester I should focus on this semester—I’ve got a lot of projects and exams coming up, so, off to study! But I’m thinking next semester is going to be a lot of fun!