Second in Name, First in Fun

10.18.2009"Yesterday was the first Saturday in over a month that I've had no obligations, and I fully enjoyed that time, let me tell you. Here's a basic rundown before I go into detail about the highlights:

-Went to Second Street Market (will be explained soon, I promise)

-Watched the OSU vs. Purdue football game

-Worked out at the RecPlex (for the first time in a few weeks!)

-Had family dinner (with my UD family)

I will assume that the two middle items are self-explanatory, but the first and last require more details. So, hang on to your hats ladies and gentlemen because here we go.

After visiting the Farmer's Market in Bloomington last weekend I developed a desire to go to another cute market. And wouldn't you know, there happens to be one right in Dayton! It's located on Second Street and is rightfully named Second Street Market. I went with Tally, Jessie, Joe, and Becca and it was simply marvelous. We walked in the front entrance and were immediately greeted with a plethora of wonderful surprises. There were so many people selling things. Snacks, pottery, gadgets, even kittens for sale while a folk-type band played melodiously in the background. We headed straight to the flower man?s stand and I bought a little bouquet of brightly colored flowers (which now are sitting beautifully in a Coca-Cola bottle filled with water on my printer) and Tally bought...well, she bought a lot more than I did. She and her roommate visit the flower man every weekend to buy flowers for their room. After flowers, we decided to try some of the cuisine, which was definitely a good decision. Crepes were first on our list. Becca and I shared a Nutella and banana crepe, and then we shared a tuna sandwich and chips from another stand called ""All Souped Up."" It might be a problem that such a cute market exists so close to campus, because I'm going to want to go there every weekend to buy flowers and eat crepes. I'll just have to learn a little self-control, I suppose. Like I've said before, I'm slowly discovering the hidden gems of Dayton and I think this market is one of them!

Part two of awesome-Saturday consisted of family dinner. I was unable to attend the September dinner because I had a show that night, but thankfully I didn't miss this one. Dan, Joe, and Ryan were the chefs of the evening and they prepared a feast for twelve. We dined on steak and shrimp with rice and cornbread with butter and honey. I must say, it was fantastic. And the best part is that they created the recipe in the middle of Meijer while purchasing items earlier that day. Can you believe that? Three college-aged boys threw together such a wonderful meal on the fly. We were all very impressed to say the least. The only downside of this is that it was an isolated incident...back to microwave dinners and macaroni and cheese for a while. At least until next month."