Seeing X's


Yesterday was a sad day in the land of the Flyer FaithfulÂ…aka UD and everyone else who follows Dayton basketball. If youÂ’re a fan, you already know what IÂ’m going to say. Yesterday was the huge rivalry game between Dayton and Xavier, this time on UDÂ’s home court.

Students get really into the Xavier game. ItÂ’s actually one of the big motivating factors for students to go to sporting events. DonÂ’t get me wrong, we love all of our Flyer athletes, but in order to get good basketball tickets youÂ’ve got to support everyone. And the biggest game of the season is when UD hosts Xavier, so youÂ’ve got to accumulate tons of spirit points (earned by going to other athletic events) in order to be close. Unfortunately, my roommate and I slacked a lot this year, so we ended up in section 307 instead of in the student section. However, this is not the point. The point is that this was a huge game.

Red Scare (donÂ’t be alarmed. ThatÂ’s the nickname for the dedicated student fans) marched to the Arena yesterday around 11:30. Yes, I said marched. A large quantity of students walked in a giant mob from campus, across the Stewart St. Bridge, and to the Arena for the game. Luckily for them it was pretty warm. My roommates and I watched for a bit out our front door and listened to the enthusiastic cheers. Then Lauren and I drove to the game, not because we werenÂ’t as excited, but because we both had to shower and we just didnÂ’t have time to march.

Fast forward to the game. The first few minutes were Flyer-dominated with Chris Johnson hitting a 3-pointer to start off the game. We were stoked. For a few minutes. And then everything turned sour. For most of the game we trailed by somewhere between 7 and 11 points. It was not looking good. And then in the last few minutes we pulled within 4 and our hope was restored. The crowd held its breath as a Flyer launched a long shot with only a few seconds remaining. Cue the collective sigh as the ball fell short of the basket, and we realized the game was over. UD had lost to Xavier. Please excuse the dramatic statement that immediately follows this disclaimer.

Rivers of tears washed the Arena clean of fans, but we will not be disheartened for too long. Because, like always, thereÂ’s always next year.