Six Days in Five Minutes

08.03.2011I am officially in the United States again. I know I missed blogging about a lot of things that happened the last week that I was in France, but it was such an emotional, event-filled week that it was so hard to find any time to think about blogging. But, I think the experiences were too special to not share, so here’s the Cliff-Notes version. • Wednesday = I presented my big project to my class! I can’t remember if I detailed it, but basically I interviewed native French people about their thoughts on American films. That night was our soiree chic. We all donned our fancy duds and spent a night mingling and hanging out. I ended up staying out until 2 am just talking to some of the people I got closest to during the past month. • Thursday was our last day of actual classes • Friday was one of the most amazing days ever. Went to “class” which was basically like the last day of middle school, with games and food. Stellar. Then, that night was the International Soiree, during which a bunch of people presented skits, performed songs or dances, and talked about their native countries. Then we all went to our favorite hang-out spot. A lot of people left around 2 am, but a group of about 10-12 of us stayed out, not wanting to say goodbye just yet. We ended up walking down to what they call “lovers’ steps” which is a cobblestone road with steps in the middle that go down to a fountain. The tradition is that if you’re in a couple, you are allowed to walk down the steps, but if you’re single, you walk on the sides. We all ended up sitting in the middle of the steps and sang Bohemian Rhapsody at 2:30 am. Picture that for a minute. Students age 17-24 from different countries all singing the same song. It was pure magic. After we got yelled at by some French people who lived in the apartment next to where we were, we moved to arguably the most beautiful place in Angers—nicknamed “the end of the world.” It’s right next to the giant Chateau (castle) of Angers and it overlooks the river. With the city lights reflecting off the water and the company of some really great people, I think that was the perfect place to spend my last night in Angers. • Saturday = spent all afternoon traveling to Paris. Got to the hotel around 8 pm, changed clothes, and went to the Eiffel Tower with my friends. It was simply stunning. I cannot even describe how beautiful it is. • Sunday = back to Paris with Emily, Margie, and Shelby. Notre Dame, the Seine, Plage Paris, Roue Paris, the Tuilleries, l’Arc de Triomph, outside of the Louvre, and dinner on the Champs-Elysees. Literally a perfect day. • Monday—travel home. Let’s just say airports are annoying, legroom on airplanes is almost nonexistent, and jet-lag really does exist. I have to admit that this trip was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had, and I plan to have many more like it. For now, back to real life, though. Thanks, France, for everything.