Slasher, Seasons, and Special Days

09.22.2011So, it’s been about a million-and-a-half days since I posted something—sorry about that. Last week was kind of crazy, but we’re all getting back on track now and I’m ready for updates! Okay, so here’s the SparkNotes (or CliffNotes, if you prefer) version of what’s been going on lately: -We’ve been rehearsing every night for Slasher and I am SUPER excited for the show. I think it’s hilarious, and the cast is really starting to gel. I also have been periodically trying on my costumes and wigs as they’re ready, and I am going to have a blast with all of those characters. I get to practice a few different accents and walks and personalities, and I get to dress like a crazy fool. I mean, how much more fun could it be? -On another note, this weather is giving my head some issues. You know that Relient K song that goes, “Lately the weather has been so bipolar…” well that’s kind of an understatement. Yesterday it went from cloudy, chilly, and a slight drizzle to pouring rain and warm to sunny and 77 back to cloudy and 60s. Whoa. I was waiting for it to snow and thus complete the circle of the seasons all in one day. -Final major point—today is my birthday! Yay! In fact, September birthdays are pretty common among my friends, apparently. I love birthdays. They are a lovely excuse to hang out with friends, eat cake, and get awesome things in the mail! My mom sent me a present yesterday with a few little goodies including iTunes money (score!), a DVD (Something Borrowed, which I haven’t seen yet but I’ve heard is really great), and SOCKS! YES. -As for today, it’s started off pretty well. No rain (but just wait 5 minutes…), French baguette and coffee for breakfast, rotisserie chicken/mac ‘n’ cheese/ mashed potatoes for lunch, and many more great things to come. Golden birthday is living up to its name so far!