Sniffle While We Work

11.02.2009"This past weekend was Halloween! Well, for most people it was. For me, and for the rest of the cast of The Lark, it was closing weekend. We had our final three performances this past Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights in Boll Theatre. The show went quite well, actually, despite half the cast being sick. I myself came down with a little virus, but as the saying goes, ""the show must go on!"" And, it did in fact go on. Actually, more than a few members of the cast were sick, but we all put our show faces on and delivered a pretty good helping of performances, I'd say. No one was too horribly sick, and we shared tips for getting well, like drinking hot tea with honey and kept a box of tissues handy.

After the show on Saturday, Halloween night, we all stayed after the show to ""strike"" or tear down the set. It was quite a night of chaos, but in a good way. Some people took screws out of two-by-fours and others cleaned the dressing rooms, all the while listening to rock music and dancing about in the way that ""theatre people"" do. We expected to be done around 3 a.m., but to our surprise we finished close to 1 a.m. And that was before the time change! After the last screw had been picked up and the stage had been mopped, we all gathered around for pizza and pop and to enjoy each other's company for just a few more minutes. The new shop people got their nicknames and traditional Twinkies and then we parted, some to enjoy the remainder of Halloween, others to sleep. I was one of the latter, because of course I was still sick.

All in all, it was a good weekend spent with genuinely good people that I'm lucky to have met through this show. I'm sad I won't get to see them all every day, but we're all in the theatre family now so there will definitely be more fun times to come!