Stress and Structure


DonÂ’t worry everyone, I am still alive. I havenÂ’t been updating as much lately because IÂ’ve been trying to figure out how my schedule is going to look for the next few weeks. I just added another theater show to my life! I know, IÂ’m probably clinically insane. But, itÂ’s what I love to do, so this is what itÂ’s going to be.

IÂ’ve been in a little bit of a stress-monster lately, just trying to organize myself and prioritize. In fact, I had to go inactive from Phi Beta Chi for the semester because IÂ’ve just got too much on my plate right now. I miss it already, but I think it will be for the best. Also, once this weekend is over my role in Charity Concert Committee will lessen significantly, so that will help.

As for now, IÂ’m continuing to color-code my white-board calendar (which is one of the best things I ever bought) and my agenda in order to stay organized. Even though IÂ’m super busy and IÂ’m out of the house all evening, I feel like IÂ’m more productive when IÂ’m super busy because I have to do work during my down-time. The structure makes me efficient, which is a plus in college. Now, instead of sleeping in, I wake up around 9 am every day (even on MWF when my first class isnÂ’t until 2!) and I do homework before class. That way, I donÂ’t have to stay up super late after rehearsals.

This schedule may not work for some people, but this is how IÂ’ve always operated. IÂ’m getting pretty darn good at prioritizing and organizing and getting things done. That being said, however, I am excited to go home for mid-term break next weekend! Despite the fact that IÂ’ll be writing papersÂ…it will still be nice to escape the stress for a while.