Strike...But in a Good Way

07.26.2011Last night I went cosmic bowling with some of the other CIDEF kids and the moniteurs. It was super fun! I was on a team with Tiffany, a monatrice, and her three French friends, Julie, Lucy, and Pauline. I have to admit, I was a little nervous talking to them at first because I always get nervous when I talk to native speakers, wondering if I’m pronouncing things correctly or if my words are in the right order. That said, they were SUPER nice and after a few minutes I was no longer pre-writing sentences in my head and just talked to them. As far as bowling goes, I did okay. 96. Not my best, but it could have been worse. I think if we had played more than one game I could have become my inner champion-bowler, but alas, we stopped after one game. It’s okay though; it was still a lot of fun to get to talk to real French people who are about my age!