Summer Employment is a Good Thing


After uploading my last blog about ChildrenÂ’s Show I realized I have not yet posted about the job I will have on campus over the summerÂ…so, thatÂ’s what this is! Yay! Alright, IÂ’ve mentioned previously that IÂ’m an Electronic Media major and I love working with cameras, etc. So, while trying to figure out a way to stay on campus this summer and actually make money in a non-retail setting, I stumbled across the on-campus media company called Media Production Group. And an idea was born.

A friend of mine, Emily, actually works for MPG now and she is a graduating senior. I thought to myself, well wouldnÂ’t it be great if I could just take over EmilyÂ’s job when she leaves? So I asked her about it and if Mike was hiring. She passed my name to him and I sent him my resume, hoping that IÂ’d at least get an interview. Well, needless to say, he gave me a chance and he offered me the job! IÂ’ve been doing a little training in the past few weeks, learning how to set up equipment for interviews and such, which was kind of intimidating at first. It seemed like there was so much to remember, but I think IÂ’ve been catching on pretty well.

I actually went on my first MPG shoot last Thursday, which was to film a speaker in Sears Recital Hall. I helped set up lights, the camera, and the monitor and learned a little about the audio equipment we will be using. My past job working for Eric Suttman at Sears prepared me pretty well for the audio stuff and my experience at Flyer TV and with production classes made it so much easier for me to learn the video equipment.

IÂ’m super excited to work with MPG this summer, because I know I can contribute my ideas and experience, as well as learn a ton from Mike, the senior producer, and Brian, the editor. Huge thanks to Emily for getting my foot in the door, and thanks to Mike for the opportunity!