Surprise Visitors!

10.13.2009"So I was leaving my Interviewing class yesterday at approximately 11:53 a.m. when I got a phone call from my best friend, Shae. You might say, well that's nothing special, and you'd be almost correct. See, generally a phone call wouldn't be that out of the ordinary. But, I tell you, there was something particularly spectacular about this call.

She proceeded to ask me if I wanted to go to lunch, which would also have been typical if (this is the important part) she didn't go to school two hours away in Indianapolis. How is this possible, you ask? Well, it turns out that University of Indianapolis' (UIndy) fall break happened to be yesterday and today, and she came home with our friend, Libby, who is from Beavercreek, OH. Beavercreek is about a 20 minute drive from here, so they were practically in my backyard! Of course I said I'd love to have lunch with her and Libby, so they made the hop, skip, and jump over to UD.

We ate lunch at Chipotle on Brown Street, which was simply magnificent. Chipotle is one of those ""fast-food"" Mexican places, like a Qdoba or a Moe's. I ordered my usual--a chicken burrito-bowl with a side of tortilla chips. Delicious.

After we had eaten more than we probably should have, judging by how full I was, we hung out in my apartment for a little bit. Libby was really jealous because she still lives in a dorm at UIndy. Sorry, Libbs, you can come visit and stay with me anytime!

After Shae and Libby left I had to go to Chemistry lecture, Phi Beta Chi meeting, and rehearsal for the Lark. So it was still a very busy day, but it was great to see friends for a little bit, especially since it was a surprise! I love surprises. Especially ones that involve friends and food--my family can attest to this, I'm sure. Anyway, thanks Shae and Libby for coming to visit me and making my day!