Surviving Day 1

08.24.2011I survived my first day of classes! Not that syllabus week is usually a challenge or anything. However, I did have my first class at 8 am, so that was a bit tricky. I got up at 6:30 this morning to make sure that I would be ready and awake in time, and I was. I will say, though, that speaking in French so early in the morning is going to take some getting used to. I guess it shouldn’t, considering I studied there all of last month and should be used to that by now. Anyway, I got through class and headed to the RecPlex to work out, and then I hung out at my friends’ house on Evanston for a bit before returning home to shower and eat lunch and all that jazz. I actually think the 8 am might work out better for my schedule because it allows me to work out in the morning so I have more time to do other things in the afternoons and evenings. I only had two classes today (Francophone Literature and Foundations of Broadcasting) and I’ll have two tomorrow also (Religion in Film and Cognitive Psychology). And then my final class (Philosophy and Film) is on Tuesday nights. Only 15 credits this semester—the least I’ve ever taken! So that’s exciting. Once everything else starts I’m sure I’ll still be busy though, which is how I like it. I actually feel kind of weird having free time now…it’s an interesting feeling. Anyway, day 1 is complete and day two is looking to be splendid as well. And now, to decorate with my roommates.