Syllabus Week, Take 6


After spending exactly one month doing pretty much nothing productive, I thought today was going to be terrible. I was going to have to wake up before 11 am, put on real clothes instead of pajamas, and try to look semi-presentable to the outside world. Yikes. However, despite my concerns about being able to re-program my schedule, today has actually not been too bad.

I woke up around 9 am and pretty much defaulted to my pre-break routine. Breakfast, check e-mail, get dressed, go to class. Unfortunately, it’s been raining all morning, so that wasn’t exactly a good way to start the semester, but it was manageable I suppose. I went to my first class at 10:30, Developmental Psychopathology, which is really just a fancy way of saying “the study of kids with mental disorders.” I like to say the full name though because it sounds impressive! Went spent the class going over the syllabus and started discussing chapter 1, so it was nothing too taxing. Then I went to my Acting for TV & Film class which I know I’m going to love. We get to work with the Advanced Video Production class, which I was in last year, and get to film some pretty cool projects. I’ll keep you up-to-date on those as the happen.

I have another class, French Linguistics, today at 4:30 so IÂ’m taking my mid-afternoon break to bring you all up to speed and to get my ducks in a row. Like figuring out which textbooks IÂ’m going to actually buyÂ…I should probably look into that now, actually. Hope you all have a wonderful syllabus week (or if youÂ’re not on campus, just a good week in general) and IÂ’ll be updating again soon!