Taking a Holiday Chill Pill

12.24.2011I am finally trying this whole “relaxing” sensation that is sweeping the nation. It’s actually really difficult for me because I feel like I should always be crossing things off my To-Do List. But, I’ve been trying to calm down a little over this break, with the exception of the first few days during which I edited Little Shop of Horrors for Emily and the rest of the cast. I spent Monday through Wednesday in Dayton, because I knew if I was home I wouldn’t want to work and would just get distracted by friends and such. And I worked my tail off for those three days, finished the DVD, and drove home Thursday morning. And since then I’ve been trying to relax, and have been succeeding for the most part. I finished my Christmas shopping (I’m always a last-minute shopper, contrary to my personality in every other aspect of life) and have been spending time with friends as well as reading for fun (yay!) I will be working on some projects, because let’s face it, that’s what I do. But these will be personal ones, like my scrapbook, and probably some internship stuff so I can get a jump on the semester. I have to have 200 hours by the end, after all, and there’s so much to do! As for the next few days, I’m spending some quality time with both sides of my family and allowing myself to forget work-related responsibilities and post-grad possibilities. ‘Tis the season to remember what’s important, and that happens to be family and friends. So, Happy Holidays to all of you and look forward to more blogs after this weekend!