The College-Kid Menu


I survived Icepocalypse 2011!! Hurrah! This, however, is not the topic of this blog. The topic of this blog is food. Shocking, I know. But seriously, IÂ’ve been thinking lately about the foods that I tend to survive on while at college and IÂ’ve narrowed them down to the convenient list below. As a disclaimer I would like to mention that I do eat other things besides what appears on the list, but that approximately 90% of the foods I consume fit into one of the following categories.

1) Macaroni and cheese. From the blue box, please. Seriously, I eat Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese at least once a week. My roommates and I have each perfected our own style of preparation, varied by how much butter and milk we add and how long we cook the noodles. I still maintain that my method of not measuring and adding less butter than recommended is actually the best.

2) Lunchmeat sandwiches. ItÂ’s fast and easy and a little healthier than most other things. Even when I eat on campus I tend to order some variation of a turkey or club sandwich. As previously mentioned in another blog, my new favorite place to eat is the Runway in KU.

3) Bagels. I pretty much eat a bagel every morning. Again, itÂ’s quick and simple and comes in a variety of flavors and requires only the push of a button.

4) Cereal. I prefer cereal at any time other than in the morning. For example, I am eating a bowl right now. Whenever I look in my kitchen and can find nothing desirable because I need to go to the store, my automatic choice is cereal. In my opinion, though, cereal is best consumed between the hours of 10 pm and 2 am, because itÂ’s light enough that I can still go to sleep right after I eat it without worrying about being kept awake by digestion.

5) Jimmy JohnÂ’s. Okay, so I know that Jimmy JohnÂ’s makes lunchmeat sandwiches, so it could technically be filed away under number 2. However, Jimmy JohnÂ’s is in a league of their own when it comes to sandwich creation, and I go there enough, so I believe it deserves its own category.

6) Pizza. Duh. WhatÂ’s a college menu without pizza? Pretty much empty, IÂ’d say.

So there you have it. If IÂ’m eating something, chances are it is something from this list. And if you donÂ’t like the things on this list and youÂ’re coming to college soon, IÂ’d suggest getting to like them. These foods will probably be what sustain you for the next four years.