The Encore is Infectious


IÂ’m sick again. Sad. But, I kind of expected it. I tend to get sick at the end of a show or when I finally start to relax because my immune system gets worn out from all the running around I do. So I have come to realize that getting sick is pretty much inevitable whenever I have some time off or whenever I go home. This past weekend was no exception to this rule. I started feeling it on Friday, but I thought that I might just be having a slight allergic reaction to Remy and kind of brushed it off. When I went home, however, I just got worse instead of better. It started with a sore throat and slowly progressed to the head/nose/ear congestion, cough, and all that jazz. Perfect. And when does it decide to peak? Yesterday, a few hours before I was planning on leaving to come back to UD.

Being that it was Memorial Day and all, everything was closed except the minute-clinics at the drugstores, so I headed out in search of a CVS. I started to sign in at the kiosk, but then I noticed the list of people who were waiting—there were 14 people in front of me. Yeah…14! I’m sorry, but I just don’t have time for that. I had places to go and people to see and I could not spend my entire afternoon in a waiting area with 4 chairs and 7+ sick children. I overheard one of the other patients say they had been there for over an hour, and that was all I needed to walk out. In my town, you can almost bet that where there is a CVS there will be a Walgreens right across the street. I took advantage of this fact and checked myself in at the little place where only 3 patients were in front of me. I still waited a little while, but nothing compared to what I would have waited had I stayed at CVS.

After all was said and done, the doctor diagnosed me with a seasonal virus that has basically been sweeping the area. No antibiotics can cure it, so I’m just working on curbing the coughing and congestion while the stupid thing runs its 7-day course. The count: 4 days down, 3 to go. Let’s just say I’ll be glad when I can breathe and actually taste food again. Bring on the orange juice and other healthy things—I need to be better now!