The Ingredients of Fall

10.31.2011Last weekend my roommates and I tried to go to a pumpkin patch as a fall celebratory bonding experience. However, imagine our shock and dismay when we arrived only to be face with a “CLOSED” sign. What?! Closed? Noooooo! Dejected, we left. However, not all was wrong in the world. Yesterday, Emily, Kat, and I tried again and this time we succeeded in getting a true fall experience. We watched Hocus Pocus (my favorite Halloween movie) while we ate breakfast and drank coffee and then headed to two cute little pumpkin farms in Springboro. The first one was geared toward a younger crowd, with a little corn maze and play-sets (we considered trying to go through them, but realized we’d probably get stuck). They also had some animals, like horses, chickens, goats, and peacocks that we looked at for a bit, and a little shop with Halloween decorations and sweet treats. The final stop was a magical land of homegrown produce, including apples, vegetables, pumpkins (of course), and various other gourds. They also had a plethora of homemade pastries (we got an apple pie!), Amish cheeses, and so many baked goods I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wanted to buy everything. But, thinking of our pocketbooks, we settles for the most delicious caramel apples we’ve had in a long while and our apple pie. The weather happened to be cooperative and basically perfect, too. It was sunny, but with the slight chill of fall in the air and a breeze that made sweaters a good choice. That night, Kat made her mom’s awesome chili for me, Emily, and Lauren (we saved some for Annie because she was on her way back from home) and we just spent time together eating and talking. Yesterday was definitely the best fall day so far, and I only hope we have more time to enjoy fall before winter moves in!