The Last-First Registration = Complete


This morning I registered for my last fall semester at UD. Whoa. The reality of that statement just hit me. Weird. It seems like yesterday I was finding out the classes I would be taking my first semester of freshman year, and now, IÂ’m planning my senior year. Talk about a time-warp. Anyway, in case youÂ’re interested, check out my schedule for next semester:

Mon—French Literature (10-10:50 am), Fundamentals of Broadcast (2-2:50 pm)

Tues—Religion in Film (10:30-11:45 am), Cognitive Psychology (1:30-2:45 pm), Philosophy in Film (5:55-8:30 pm)

Wed—Same as Monday

Thurs—Religion in Film (10:30-11:45 am), Cognitive Psychology (1:30-2:45 pm)

Fri—Same and Monday and Wednesday

All in all, I am quite pleased with this schedule. I tried to work it out so that I wonÂ’t have to take Friday classes or night classes second semester, so hopefully I did it right. I prefer to get up fairly early and be done by 3 because then IÂ’ve got the rest of the day/night to study, work, rehearse, etc. Unfortunately, some classes are only offered at night, such is the case with Philosophy in Film. But, IÂ’m getting it out of the way now!

I also registered for my summer classes in France! Well, I registered for the UD classes they will transfer to when I get back. Now that all of that is taken care of I can focus on finishing out this year and start looking forward to summer!