The Love Talker


I can’t believe One-Acts are over. It seems like just yesterday I was auditioning for the part of Bun in “The Love Talker,” and now our performance time has ended. I’m definitely going to miss it, like I always do after a show ends. It’s a weird feeling, because I didn’t know any of the other members of the cast very well and over the past few months we’ve gotten pretty close. I guess it’s kind of difficult not to, though, when you spend hours everyday with the same people in a semi-stressful situation that basically hinges on trust. That sounds dramatic, but then again this is theatre.

When I auditioned for “The Love Talker” I got cold chills, and during the show this weekend I get that same feeling. For some reason I just connected with Bun, the eldest of two sisters fighting temptation and witchery, and when I got cast I couldn’t have been happier. I won’t lie, this role was definitely challenging and forced me to step outside myself and completely into another person. When I first read the script I had a terrible time trying to speak with poor grammar without adding a southern accent, but I can say that with a lot of hard work, I think I managed it!

I also had to time a monologue to a piece of music, which was a challenge in itself, but I have to give props to Emily who directed the show and helped me every step of the way with all of my annoying little questions. The rest of the cast worked extremely hard too, each of us giving everything we had to our characters and definitely leaving it all on the stage. LetÂ’s just say that we bled for this show, some of us really and not just figuratively (donÂ’t worry, it was fake blood).

I canÂ’t end this blog without saying how wonderful the other six One-Acts were, though. Each and every cast-member, director, stage manager, assistant stage manager put so much effort into his or her show and made them all unique and amazing in their own way. I have to say that IÂ’m going to miss spending six hours every night with all of those people, like we did during tech week, laughing, crying, and just doing what we love. One-Acts is one of my favorite things about UD theatre and I wouldnÂ’t have traded this experience for anything in the world. I mean, where else do you get to the chance to get fake-stabbed and bleed to death on stage?!