The Perfect Friday Night


No, it didnÂ’t go to a great party. No, I didnÂ’t see a show or go to a concert. Despite the fact that those would have been fun ways to spend my Friday night, I chose to do something a little different, and it turned out to be exactly what I needed.

My roommates and I hadnÂ’t grocery shopped in about three weeks. WeÂ’d all just been too busy. So, we decided that after the show on Friday night (more on the show later) we would finally get to the store to restock our cabinets. The show ended around 11 pm, and by 11:30 we were browsing the aisles of Meijer; itÂ’s lucky that itÂ’s open 24-hours! Instead of our normal rushed routine, we took our time to peruse the produce and debate which cereal we wanted to buy. It helped that the aisles were basically empty, except for the night-shift employees who were restocking the shelves.

Finally, after we had all spent lots of time and money on food, we checked out and headed home. What time did we get back, you ask? About 1:15 am. Yep. ThatÂ’s right. We shopped for almost 2 hours. But, it was totally worth it. We put our groceries away and spent a few hours playing 500 Rummy (the card game) at our kitchen table. That kind of relaxing evening was exactly what we needed. Perhaps IÂ’ll do all my grocery shopping at 11:30 pm from now onÂ…