Theatre Can Be a Battlefield


Saturday morning the troops readied themselves. Carefully crafted t-shirts and other team paraphernalia decorated their bodies. At 1 pm, they were ready to battle. Who are they, you ask? They are the members of Studio Theatre, ready for yet another Field Day extravaganza. And you can bet there was going to be blood.

Field Day is just another of the many great things about Studio Theatre. It is tradition, and as such, is ceremoniously celebrated with vigorous competition and tons of laughter. This Field Day was no different. We were divided into three teams: Slerrrp, Onamato Octopi, and Mastication Station. I should mention that part of the tradition is outrageous team names. Anyway, we all met at the theatre building on Saturday, because of the gross weather outside (sad!) but we made due with what we had.

We engaged in a multitude of competitions, including the spontaneous creation of a team cheer, a race to blow a bubble with gum covered in flour (itÂ’s so difficult!), jump the stick, Deities (in which every card in a deck is a different action, such as, touch a wall, or point to Heaven), and an intense round of Studio Theatre trivia. Cheers were shouted, floor burns materialized on kneecaps and elbows, and points were earned. After all was said and done, team Slerrrp took home the grand prize. My team, Onamato Octopi got cheated out of some points because we drew the Ace during Deities, meaning we lost all the points we earned during that game. However, our team shirts are awesome and I will be wearing mine until it unravels.

Post-games, we headed over to EmilyÂ’s house for a cook-out, as is also tradition, and further bonding. ItÂ’s always great to just hang out with everyone, even though some of us spend time together during shows. These extra events are an awesome way for people outside the casts to bond and just enjoy each otherÂ’s company.

Despite the fact that my team didnÂ’t win, Field Day was still especially awesome and IÂ’m already looking forward to next year, when hopefully, my team will dominate!